“Clare is one of the brightest, most energetic writers I’ve worked with in 20+ years of marketing. She is studious, inventive and prolific (as needed) when capturing the essence of new projects. And she’s always there to take on the next strategic assignment.” – Brian McCarthy, Senior Director of Brand, Inspirato

“I had a first-row seat for the wholesale communications transformation Clare initiated at Techstars. The practices and standards she instituted resulted in tremendous growth in audience and established a unified, professional voice for the brand. Clare is professional, highly skilled and knowledgeable, and possesses a natural talent for writing and communicating. I consider myself fortunate to have had the opportunity to have her as a colleague. Clare is an incredibly valuable asset to any organization and I can not recommend her highly enough.” – Sarah Jane Coffey, Content Manager, Reboot.io

“Clare is a content + comms powerhouse. What I was impressed by during our time working together at Techstars was how strategically she approached the TechStars brand and communications. From building an impressive social media presence that fostered real conversations online, to writing well-honed stories about Techstars founders, to providing useful internal reporting on comm metrics, to creating and managing multiple internal systems — well, she could really do it all. Not only does she have the technical skills and experience to be amazing at whatever she sets her mind to — more importantly, she’s got integrity and character for days and days and days. She was always (and I mean ALWAYS) willing to go above and beyond to help anyone around her. And with a wicked sense of humor to boot. Simply put, she’s just the kind of talented and amazing human you’d want to hire and work with.” – Cali Harris, Managing Director of Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Design at University of Colorado